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2022 January 22 & 23 - This conference on Faith-based investment conference aims to initiate a shift in what has been a fast-growing movement, that of faiths and of their role and actions in investments aligned with their values. More

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We will be highlighting the journeys of inspiring individuals bringing faith to business and business to faith

Learn more about our first guest: Tony Hodges from City Vision More

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“Christoph Stückelberger served as part time GAF-Director during the last five years 2016-2021 and was a co-founder in 2014. He is now President of the Board of Foundation.” More

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The Discipline of Love and the Love of Discipline

“I will continue developing programs for those economic and business actors who already understood that a flourishing society cannot exist without a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy cannot exist without values & virtues-driven strategies and action programs.” More

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FaithInvest is GAF's strategy partnership."FaithInvest helps religious groups to invest in line with their values. We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths actively using their investments to create a better world – for people and planet."

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“Covid-19 Pandemic creates worldwide turbulences in health, economy, politics, education, religious answers and much more. Allocation of resources: capital, natural, human and religious resources with the best impact on development becomes even more important. Churches, church-related partners and investors have great potential to contribute to faithdriven and impactful investing in Asia.” More

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“Continue its success in last three years on faith-driven investing, the online conference 2021 Africa Focus attracted sharing experiences of successful and challenging investment projects, strengthening impactful cooperation between faith partners and investors, and present tools to make projects investable.” More

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The Agape Foundation and its Interns celebrate the IDHEAP's 40th Anniversary. Many old friends unite to celebrate and express their gratitude for such an amazing program.

Interns Garrett and Drew thank them for them for their hospitality!

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"Since the mass production of plastics began in the 1940s, plastic has achieved a pivotal status, with extensive commercial, industrial, medicinal and municipal applications. However, as the super resistance and persistance nature of the plastic, especially the plastic micro beads, it poses a massive contamination problem for the environment, especially in the aquatic system where it is difficult to monitor. 

Here, this research has been conducted mainly with the following objectives: (1) Characterization of positive and negative plastic latex in Milli-Q water, natural aquatic systems and culture media. (2) microplastic ecotoxicity test with Daphnia magna. (3) Sampling, isolation and characterization of plastics from Geneva Lake." More

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Geneva Agape Foundation welcomes the new talented volunteers:

Nadica Obrenovic, Master Advanced in Chinese Studies (More). 

Silvia Castano Herzig, Master Environmental Science (More).

Nhi Do, Master in International Relations (More).

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Happy World Humanitarian Day!!!

AI and Faith

The contrast in the title above between the 4th century of the Roman Empire and the AI debates in our 21st century is highlighted on purpose. More


Creation Art

The opening of  "Creation Art" Exhibition, organised by GAF and President Christoph Stückelberger, will take place on Monday 18 Oct 2021, Entrance Hall, Ecumenical Center. More


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Values-driven Investments

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"The Discipline of Love and the Love of Discipline"


On 1 June 2021, the  new Executive Director Dr Nicoleta Acatrinei started her new mission.

"As I start this new mission as executive director of Geneva Agape Foundation, my parents’ wisdom which nourished and watered my mind and soul during my early education resonates in a meaningful way in this new beginning.

At the Geneva Agape Foundation, I will draw on this rich and profound spiritual heritage and on my previous research on prosocial behaviour, altruism  and patristic economics  to continue and develop programs for those economic and business actors who already understood that a flourishing society cannot exist without a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy cannot exist without values & virtues-driven strategies and action programs."



Who are we?

EcosocGeneva Agape Foundation (GAF) is a global non-profit foundation based in Geneva Switzerland. GAF aims at living love (Agape) in a professional and practical way through Values-driven Entrepreneurship, Innovative Philanthropy and Values-driven Investments. GAF acts as Innovator, Incubator and Facilitator to transform lives and society with the Agape-love.

GAF has now “Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC”.


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