Workshop: How to attract investors? How to deal with them?

Thursday, 16 Jan, 1-5.30pm: Training Workshop 

For representatives of (Christian) Development Agencies

Workshop presentation is available here 

The Workshop is led by two leading academics and practitioners:

Christoph Stückelberger, Professor of Ethics, expert on ethical investments, Director of Geneva Agape Foundation

Jean-Pierre Sweerts: CEO Water Finance Facility and Board Chairman DOB Equity, Amsterdam and Nairobi,  Member of the International Board of Geneva Agape Foundation.

 A) Theory and Concepts (presentations by the two experts)

  1. Mapping: What types of Investors exist? How do different objectives determine the categories of investors and the types of investments they seek? How many are where to find?
  2. Terminology: What do investors mean when they say ..,? What are the investment strategies? What are the differences of a project proposal and an investment term sheet (will be compared)?
  3. Objectives: What are the concepts behind risk and return, performance, yield, duration, volatility, liquidity, leverage?
  4. Legal Affairs: Legal regulations in the investment industry in different markets

Overview of suitable groups of potential investors and how to approach them.

B) Experiences and Questions: Discussion in groups and plenary of successful and failing cases of experience and questions from the presentations

C) Praxis (Exercises)

  1. Reading: understanding the investors’ documents and their paperwork
  2. Presenting: the (non-for-profit) development organisation/yourself
  3. Pitching: identifying/approaching potential investors, church-based/ non-church-based

   Negotiating: how to negotiate with potential investors? 

D) Conclusions and next steps, tools of support and services