Conference 1: International Conference of Faith-based Entrepreneurs: Stronger Together

Spirituality 4.0 at the Workplace

Sun 20 January 2019, 13h - Mon 21 January 2019, 14.30h

会议报告 1 (9.6MB). 图片下载 GAF Flickr

1 Opening and Introduction of Participants

  • Prof. Dr Isabel Phiri, Deputy General Secretary World Council of Churches
  • Prof. Dr.Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director Geneva Agape Foundation, both Geneva, Switzerland

2 Keynotes: Spirituality 4.0 for Business Leaders

  • Between Crisis and Mobile Phone Prayer and Care. Prof. Dr Cui Wantian, Entrepreneur, President/Founder of Geneva Agape Foundation, Beijing, China (20pages, 904 KB)
  • Spirituality and Values in Finance Management and its importance for SDGs
    Mr. Alfred Berkeley III, President, Princeton Capital Management, New York (SDG Fund), former Nasdaq President 

3 Panel: Spirituality at the workplace. Individual and institutional tools and experiences.

  • Mr. Timo Plutschinski, Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Business Coalition, Department Theological Concerns, Hamburg, Germany (8 pages, 469KB)
  • Mrs. Helen Howe, Christian Aid SALT Business Network, Manager, London, UK  (10 pages, 1.5MB)
  • Mr. Ventzeslav Sabev, Entrepreneur, Leader of the UN activities of the Geneva Spiritual Appeal GSA, Geneva, Switzerland, and Mahmud Samandari, EBBF and Spiritual Appeal (11 pages, 1.1 MB)
  • Mr. Aimé Sene, Entrepreneur, President of ADECCES and Philanthropy, Senegal
  • Mr. Yomi Bankole, Nigeria, Data Analyst at Global Fund, Geneva (5 pages, 430KB)

4 Workgroups: Sharing experiences and needs

5 Worship in the Chapel: Spirituality by Singing

Mr. Tobias Karcher SJ, Director, Lassale-Haus, Zug, Switzerland

Mrs. Dai Sheng, Church musician

6 Networking Evening

7 Prayer/Worship

8 Keynote: How Faith Inspires Business. Cases of Entrepreneurs

Prof. Dr Brian Grim, CEO and Founder of Religious Freedom and Business, Boston, USA (15 pages, 570KB)

9 Panel: Spirituality as Source of Ethics in Business

  • Mr. Rolando Medeiros, President Uniapac International (International Christian Union of Business Executives), Chile (15 pages, 2.2MB)
  • Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei, Princeton University, Faith & Work Initiative, USA. Research results (contact with the author via
  • Dr. Prof. Yeh-Ming Hu, Executive Director, Jubilee Economic Ethic Foundation, Taiwan (19 pages, 3.5MB)
  • Mr. Joseph Cajigal, Co-founder and CEO, Hudson Canyon Investment Counselors, Llc

10 Networking break for bilateral connections (+exhibition)

11 Plenary: next steps of cooperation (in the light of the Faith in Business Geneva Declaration 2018 and the conference 2019)

Closure: Prof. Dr. Isabel Phiri; Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger


Conference 2: International Conference for Christian Investors and Development Agencies

FaithInvest: Building Bridges

Mon 21 January 2019, 14h – Tue 22 January 2019, 17h

会议报告 2 (10MB)

1 Opening Address

Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director, Geneva Agape Foundation. (4 pages, 504KB)

Mr. Rudelmar Bueno da Faria, General Secretary ACT Alliance, both Geneva Switzerland

2 Keynotes: Aid and Investments. The need for cooperation between investors and development agencies. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, General Secretary of the African Conference of Churches AACC, Nairobi/Kenya (14 pages, 343KB)

Agape Investments. Risk Taking for social progress. Prof. Cui Wantian, entrepreneur, investor, Beijing/China, President of Geneva Agape Foundation (12 pages, 824KB)

3 Building Trust: presentation of 3 core Christian participants’ groups and their roles:  Institutional Investors, Development Agencies, Churches

  • Mr. Nicolas Karambadzakis, Partner Relations Consultant ECLOF International, Geneva/Switzerland (9 pages, 1.2MB)
  • Mrs. Ging Ledesma, Director Investor Relations and Social Performance, Oikocredit (Ecumenical Microcredit), Ammersfort, The Netherlands (17 pages, 1.5MB)
  • Dr. Ulrich Möller, Member of the Church leadership, Protestant Church of Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, President of OneClimate Fund (10 pages, 1.2MB)
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Dembinski, President of the Council of Rente Genevoise (semi-publi Pension Fund Geneva) and Director/Founder of Observatoire de la Finance, Geneva. (5 pages, 430KB)

4 Mixed workgroups

5 Chapel prayer

6 Building bridges: Panel: cases in the field of cooperation between investors and development programmes

  • Mr. Terry Gray, Executive Director, Impact Bridges Group for impact of social programmes, Toronto, Canada 
  • Mr. Jørgen Thomsen, Chair of the Council in the Oikos Cooperative Bank and Advisor on Religion and Development, DanChurchAid, Copenhagen/Denmark (4 pages, 401KB)
  • Mr. Nicolas Lorne, Founder of Waterpreneurs, Innovate for Water Marketplaces, Lausanne, Switzerland (9 pages, 782KB)
  • Mr. Stephan Werhahn, Bundesvorstand / Board member for International relations of the Workgroup Responsible Finance of the Alliance of Catholic Entrepreneurs (BKU), Germany (14 pages, 1.1MB)

7 Networks present their work and vision of cooperation

  • ACT Alliance: Mr. Rudelmar Bueno da Faria, General Secretary, Geneva, Switzerland 
  • FaithInvest Alliance: Dr Martin Palmer, Interim President, London, GB
  • Swiss Impact Investment Association: Mr. Klaus-Michael Christensen, Zug, Switzerland (contact with author via
  • Geneva Agape Foundation/China SDG Fund, Prof. Dr Karl Pilny, Geneva, Switzerland
  • International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability FC4S: Mr. Mark Halle, Geneva, Switzerland. (9 pages, 989KB)
  • Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility ICCR: Rev. Seamus Finn, Chair Board of Directors, New York, USA (16 pages, 1.1MB)

Questions and Answers in Plenary

8 Keynote. Religions for Development: Funding and Implementing the SDGs by cooperation between Governments, UN Agencies and Faith Communities

Prof. Obiora Ike, Executive Director and its Representative to PaRD, Africa Representative to the Club of Rome, Founder/President of a Christian Bank in Nigeria (29 pages, 1MB)

9 Workgroups to elaborate strategies for cooperation

10 Plenary: Strategic Planning, Lessons Learnt, Next Steps, Conclusions