Nadica Obrenovic

« Beyond all that separates all living beings, all these concepts of different countries, different languages, different cultures, there is one essence : universal love. This is the one feeling that is understood by all and is the bond that unites us all, and this is what my parents, especially my mother, gave me as food to nurture my whole being, and this is what I wish to offer to the world. When dwelling in this one essence, everything falls in it place, humility, ethics, virtue, compassion, wisdom, social harmony, world peace, everything is there. If we lack this, everything is missing; if we have it, we possess everything. As the great Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok said : « The only reason and value of our life, is to cultivate love and to give love to others. »

I am born in Switzerland, from a loving Serbian family, and received my education in Lausanne. At age 20, I started to learn mainly Chinese language, and one year later I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism, which became my spiritual path. After several years of studies and traveling in China, in 2014 I graduated with a Master in Chinese Studies from Geneva University. Wishing to combine these two aspects that passions me, I also trained in reading Buddhist texts in Chinese. Eventually, I became interpreter in medical area, and translator of Buddhist texts. Knowing Nicoleta Acatrinei for about 14 years, I am greatly honoured to have been invited by her to join her excellent team, and as it is a Foundation named Agape, I think it is the bond of Love that brought us all together here, for a meaningful purpose.