Kingdom Business College


Kingdom Business College (KBC) China and Hong Kong, offers training and research for Chinese entrepreneurs in Beijing, Shenyang and other cities in China. The aim is to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to improve the enterprise management system, to build enterprises to become industry leaders and to foster social and environmental responsibility in Chinese society.

KBC is a main partner of GAF. The President of KBC and the President of / the Executive Director of GAF are the co-authors of the book series 'China Christian Series' published at


Center for Study of Religion and Business Ethics of Renmin University of China

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Center for Study of Religion and Business Ethics (CSRBE) at Renmin University of China was founded in 2014 by the School of Philosophy and alumni entrepreneurs of the university. In early 2015, it was officially included in the research incubator platform project at Renmin University of China. Focusing on the relationship between religion and economic ethics, the Center promotes the interdisciplinary research and development of religious and economic ethics. It explores the socio-economic principles and norms that are appropriate to China’s economic and social needs, so as to build China an ecological friendly country and a green economy in all levels of domestic social and economic fairness and justice.

The research fields of the Center are: one is the theoretical relationship between religion and ethics; the other is the practice and norms of religious ethics and economic ethics.

Cover on the official opening of the Center in Beijing, October 2015. 


Christian Art and Literature Study Center of Beijing Normal University

Christian Art and Literature Study Center of Beijing Normal University is officially approved the "non-institutional research institution" in the Beijing Normal University, it is the first Christian Literature and Art Research Center among universities in China. The center was established in March 2015 and is used to be the Center for Christian Literature and Art in the School of Arts in Beijing Normal University (founded in July 2013). The Center is composed of young and middle-aged scholars from ten top universities and research institutes in the country. Fields of study are in Christian literature (including English, German, Russian, Spanish and French), visual arts, film, music and theology etc. The Center focuses on the integration of Christian studies with the humanities and explores the issues of the works of universal Christian literature in the Chinese context.


Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Hongkong


The mission of Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (ISCS) follows the great aspirations of Dr. Karl L Reichelt,  the Norwegian Sinologist and founder of Tao Fong Shan, to promote the contextualization of Christian theology in Chinese culture and to further develop dialogue with other cultures and religions.

ISCS promotes a multi-disciplinary studies of Christian thought and culture among humanities scholars; and to facilitate the interaction between the study of Chinese Christian culture and contemporary Chinese humanities.  ISCS develops trans-religious, trans-denominational dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and International scholars from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and other traditions in an ecumenical spirit.