Diaconia means values-driven social services for the needy and disadvantaged people and groups in society. The Greek word refers originally to the Bible and is worldwide broadly used, since 2000 years. global ecumenical diaconia includes disaster relief, development cooperation, elderlies’ homes, children support, work for addict persons and prisoners, psychological support during Covid-pandemic, disability networks, migrant work and much more. It reaches out from grassroot level up to global advocacy at the UN, from millions of volunteers to highly professional staff.

Urban diaconia is focused on diaconia in all aspects in the urban context. The majority of humanity already lives in cities, from huge mega-cities and smaller towns. With its modest means GAF is active in following diaconia activities:

Publications on diaconia. See the Chinese edition of the Diaconia book of GAF Board member Prof. Christoph Sigrist with Dr. Heinz Ruegger https://gafoundation.world/en/publications/china-christian Vol. 9

Diakonia Partners of GAF direct websites:
Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF
Amity Foundation
Act Alliance
World Council of Churches, diakonia department

Peaceland Foundation