We are excited to announce the launching of our new series: Agape Guests! We will spotlight lots of exciting individuals who share the passion and mission of the Agape Foundation! 

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Our first guest is Tony Hodges, a successful Christian business leader from the UK who decided to embark on a new journey after developing a worldwide active consultancy firm over more than two decades. Tony sells everything and starts CityVision, a foundation where he applies the lessons learned in his business activity in order to bring together leaders from civic life, churches, and from the business world to facilitate as a catalysator greater wellbeing for the city. His approach is original and effective. I had the privilege to meet Tony at the inception of CityVision and I knew it will be successful and fruitful. What he and his team developed at CityVision is a living story that can inspire other leaders to transform their city into a new Vision.

Find more information on City Vision: HERE