Roland Schatz

Roland Schatz, Founder and CEO of UNGSII Foundation ( and of Media Tenor (, offices among others: Geneva, Zurich, Vienna. He is the new President of Geneva Agape Foundation since October 2019. (More)


Jean-Pierre Swearts

Jean-Pierre Sweerts, Member, Netherlands, Banker, Investor, Water Finance Facility. (More)


Fan Rong

Fan Rong, Member, China, Banker, Investor, COO of Love, Harmony and Trust Investment Company, China (More)


Ruitong (Esther) CUI

Ruitong (Esther) CUI, GAF board member, London and Shenyang/China. (More)


Liu Bao Cheng

BaoCheng LIU, GAF board member. (More)


Christoph Stückelberger

Prof. Christoph Stückelberger, GAF Executive Director, ex officio member of the Board without voting right. (More)


Charles Song, Member, Investor, China